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A guide to BiblioVélo for both Owners & Renters

What is the booking process?

Once you have found a bicycle that you would like to rent, you send a request to the owner. The owner should then confirm. You will make payment and if this is your first rental, you will be asked to do an Onfido background check once the payment has been submitted. Once you have received approval from Onfido, your booking is confirmed. Subsequent bookings do not require Onfido approval.

What will I receive from the Bicycle Owner?

The Bicycle Owner will give you the bicycle that you requested along with the Sold Secure Gold rated lock for the duration of the rental period. Should you not use the Sold Secure Gold rated lock provided by the Owner then you could be liable for the value of the bicycle should an issue of this nature occur.

What is the minimum amount of time I can rent a bicycle for?

The minimum amount of time that you can rent a bicycle for is one day (24 hours). Bookings can only be made in days rather than hours.

Why do I need to be verified?

We request that you verify yourself to help build trust on the BiblioVélo platform. We use Onfido to ensure that the ID you have provided is valid. Once you have been approved by Onfido after making your first booking, you will be able to use the service.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

BiblioVélo does not charge the deposit at the time of rental. What is done instead is to verify that you have the £150 + admin fee in your account on the day of the rental. This is then ring-fenced by our payment provider and will be captured only if there is an issue requiring us to activate the insurance policy. 

Even though this amount is not debited from your account when verifying your card, some banks may display it as having done so. You can read more here from Stripe, our payment provider - https://stripe.com/docs/charges#auth-capture

We will initiate the refund of your deposit within 24 hours of your rental being period being completed successfully. Please allow 7 workings days for the amount to be visible in your bank account.  

If a rental is not completed or a dispute is raised for whatever reason, your deposit will cover the first £150 of a claim. 

How do I cancel/change/extend the dates of my rental?

Unfortunately, you cannot. Once a booking has been made, it cannot be changed or extended. If a booking is cancelled, you will receive a partial refund as we have a cancellation fee. 

The cancellation fees are as follows:

  • If > 7 days, 100% refund for the rental fee but the booking fee is not refunded

  • If < 7 days and > 4 days, 50% refund of the rental fee but booking fee is not refunded

  • If < 4 days, 0% refund of rental or booking fee

The cancellation fee does not apply to the deposit of £150 so the full deposit will be returned to you in case of a cancellation.

How do I arrange handover and drop off?

It is up to you and the Owner to arrange the handover using the inbuilt messaging service on the BiblioVélo app. Once you have agreed on a place to meet at the time of the rental, the renter will document the bicycle condition by taking photos and notes of the bicycle and lock you have provided. The app will then instruct you to scan the renter’s QR code which will signify the start of the rental. 

The same process needs to be carried out when the bicycle is returned. Any damage (that is not wear and tear) needs to be reported to BiblioVélo by Raising A Dispute. For any damage that is less than £150, we advise that you resolve with the owner. Should this be unsuccessful, the owner can submit a claim. 

What should I do if something happens to the bicycle during the rental period?

If the bicycle is stolen under the circumstances that our terms will cover then press Raise A Dispute and fill out the appropriate claims form. If the bicycle is stolen, then you need report the incident to the police immediately and obtain a crime reference number. This number needs to be filled in on the claims form when submitted.

If not, it is up to you to cover the value of the bicycle for the owner. Should you not, the owner can take legal action against you through MTA Solicitors who will look to recover the amount of the bicycle value plus any admin fees they incur. BiblioVélo is allowed to pass on your personal details to MTA Solicitors in the event of legal action being taken. The personal details passed on will be your ID verification, address and contact details. 

If a dispute is raised, BiblioVélo will use your deposit to cover the first £150 of the claim therefore it will not be refunded. If you think there has been a misunderstanding, please email admin@bibliovelo.com.  

What happens if I need to make a claim but have not adhered to the BiblioVélo Terms & Conditions?

Should you not adhere to BiblioVélo’s terms and conditions then you may be liable to cover the value of the bicycle.

Why do I have to take a photo of the bicycle when I lock it up?

To be covered by BiblioVélo, the bicycle needs to be locked up in a suitable manner. Please view the following video on the acceptable method to lock up a bicycle - https://youtu.be/IXNASUSivqg 

During the rental period, you can take a time stamped photo by going onto the booking page and selecting the camera icon. You can then take a photo which will be emailed to you. Should something happen to the bicycle, this photo will be required by BiblioVélo. 

Do I have to pay an insurance fee?

No, as we have a universal policy for BiblioVélo that covers all bicycles on the platform during the rental period.

How is the booking fee calculated?

The booking fee is calculated depending on the value of the bicycle and the duration of the rental period. This goes towards administration costs of the platform.

Are my accessories covered?

No, just the bicycle.