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A guide to BiblioVélo for both Owners & Renters

Does it cost me to list my bicycle on BiblioVélo?

No, listing on BiblioVélo is free. We just take a 15% commission from each rental that you do. E.g if you list your bicycle at £15/day, we will take £2.25 from the rental amount. This goes towards covering the administration costs of using the BiblioVélo platform

How do I list my bicycle?

It’s easy! Press the Menu bar on the app and select ‘Add Bicycle’. You then fill in the details about your bicycle as well as setting a rental price. We recommend that you set the rental price per day as 1-2% of the bicycle value. Once you have completed these details, press the red button saying Add Bike and it will be uploaded. You will not be able to see your bicycle in the search results but other users will.

Are the renters verified and how is the platform trustworthy?

Yes, we use an online verification process from Onfido which verifies ID and then cross checks it with a selfie taken by the renter. We also allow both parties to leave a star rating and review for the person they have just dealt with. This helps build trust within our community.

Is my bicycle insured during the rental period?

Your bicycle is covered by BiblioVélo’s Terms of Cover for the duration of the rental period. Our insurance will cover your bike for theft and crash damage worldwide, including racing, subject to our T&Cs.

For full coverage and exclusions, please refer to our Terms and Conditions. If you or the renter do not adhere to these, the theft or damage claim may be void. Please ensure you have both read and understood these carefully prior to each rental.

You must provide a Sold Secure Gold rated lock to the renter with every rental.

The renter is responsible for the first £150 + admin fee of any claim. The renter pays a deposit of £150 at the time of booking which will be refunded providing a dispute has not been raised.

How do I make a claim should I need to?

The Renter will fill out the theft or accident form and submit it to us. Providing the claim is approved, we will reimburse you for the value of your bike. The value is the price you paid for it. You will need to provide proof of ownership and purchase. You may need to assist the Renter with details of the bicycle and lock when they are making a claim so please ensure that you keep a good line of communication with them during the claims process. The Renter should file a police report as soon as they have noticed the theft. If your bicycle is stolen and the renter has not adhered to our Terms & Conditions, our insurance will not cover your bike. In this instance, you can contact MTA Solicitors to take legal action against the Renter. This would be between yourself and the renter and not involve BiblioVélo beyond passing the necessary details onto MTA Solicitors.

Can I select specific days where my bicycle is unavailable?

Yes, when adding your bicycle to BiblioVélo, just tap the dates that you would like to make unavailable and renters will not be able to book those dates. You can change these by simply editing the listing.

How many bicycles can I upload to the platform?

As many as you like! Providing they belong to you.

What happens if I need to cancel/change a rental?

Whilst we understand that there may be unforeseen circumstances that leads to cancellation, if you do need to cancel then you will receive a financial penalty. If you cancel > 7 days before the rental is due to begin, you will receive a £5 penalty. If you cancel < 7 days before the rental is due to begin, you will receive a £15 penalty.  This needs to be paid before you are able to use the BiblioVélo platform again. 

Unfortunately, there is no way to change a confirmed rental. 

How do I get paid?

When you add your bicycle to BiblioVélo, you will provide us with your account details. Once a rental has finished, you will receive the payment within 7 workings days.

How do I change my account details to receive payment?

Through the Menu, select profile. Once on this page, you will see an info icon in the top right hand corner, press this and you will be able to edit your account details. Remember to press Save Details to update successfully.

What happens if my bicycle is rented out but not in suitable condition?

We insist that you ensure your bicycle is in suitable condition for the person renting it to ride. You should follow these points to ensure that they have a good experience:

  • Check your tyres are fully inflated. If the bike has been sat for months since it was last used, they will probably have gone down.

  • Give the wheel a spin. Check it spins freely and the brake pads don't rub on the rim or tyre.

  • Check all the bolts on the bike are tight, particularly things like wheels, handlebars and saddle. If these are loose they could cause injury.

  • Check the brakes work correctly and can actually stop you. The cables could be damaged or the brake pads may be worn out.

  • Put some bike-specific lubricant on the chain, chances are it is dried out and in need of lubrication.

  • Give the pedals a spin and check they are attached correctly.

Failure to provide the bicycle in a suitable condition could result in the renter being given a refund and you will not receive the payment. You also risk being given a bad rating and review by the renter. 

How do I arrange the handover and pick up?

It is up to you and the renter to arrange the handover using the inbuilt messaging service on the BiblioVélo app. Once you have agreed on a place to meet at the time of the rental, the renter will document the bicycle condition by taking photos and notes of the bicycle and lock you have provided. The app will then instruct you to scan the renter’s QR code which will signify the start of the rental. 

The same process needs to be carried out when the bicycle is returned. Any damage (that is not wear and tear) needs to be reported to BiblioVélo by Raising A Dispute. For any damage that is less than £150, we advise that you resolve with the renter. Should this be unsuccessful, a claim can be submitted. 

What is the booking process?

Once you have found a bicycle that you would like to rent, you send a request to the owner. The owner should then confirm. You will make payment and if this is your first rental, you will be asked to do an Onfido background check once the payment has been submitted. Once you have received approval from Onfido, your booking is confirmed. Subsequent bookings do not require Onfido approval.